The "Drill Baby Drill" sm Movement has started to END
USA's Dependence on Dangerous and Deadly Foreign Oil!

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If you support;

*  3-5 million new American jobs

*  American Energy Independence

*  Keeping the $ 1/2 Trillion dollars in the USA we now send foreign countries to buy the oil we need....

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Drill Baby Drill sm

The Drill Baby Drill Movement has started!

If you support; 

Drill Baby Drill

American Energy Plan  Enhanced Oil Recovery  *  No Foreign Oil  Upstream Oil and Gas

Drill Baby Drill!

Drilling and Completion  Exploration And Production  *  Oil and Natural Gas  Snubbing Unit


Drill Baby Drill sm

What is "Drill Baby Drill"
sm and the "American Energy Plan" sm ?

Drill Baby Drill sm is one of the foundational principals of the American Energy Plan sm that will make the USA energy independent by ending America's addiction and reliance on "dirty oil" from OPEC, muslim/middle-east countries while creating 3-5 million new American jobs and retaining the $ 1/2 Trillion dollars in the U.S. each year that we now send to foreign countries to buy the oil we need.

American Energy Plan


The American Energy Plan:

SAVES USA $1/2 Trillion EVERY year that
we now spend buying FOREIGN OIL!

CREATES 3-5 million new AMERICAN jobs!

ENDS the need to buy oil from our ENEMIES.

SAVES the lives of our brave boys protecting
other countries' oil resources. 

American Energy Independence!

No Foreign Oil!

The "
American Energy Plan"
sm will:

  End America's addiction and reliance on "dirty oil" from OPEC, muslim/middle-east countries.

*  Make America Energy Independent

*  Creates 3-5 million new American jobs

*  Retains the >$500 billion in the U.S. every year, we now transfer to foreign countries to buy the "dirty oil" we need from countries that do not like us.

*  Abolish the Department of Energy

The FIRST step to a renewable energy future is to IMMEDIATELY END all foreign oil purchases, and putting Americans back to work producing America's oil! This will end the WORST DEPRESSION in American history and keep the $1/2 Trillion dollars we now send to OPEC / muslim countries for the oil we need.  America produces oil cleaner and greener than ANY other country. And, by producing America's oil here, we save ENORMOUS amounts of greenhouse gas emissions that are generated when shipping foreign oil to the USA.


The American Energy Plan sm Provides, within 10 Years:

No Foreign Oil
American Energy Independence
3-5 Million New AMERICAN Jobs
Abolish the Department of Energy
Increases use of Renewable Energy & Net Zero Energy
Keeps the > $500 billion in the U.S. every year that we now send 
to foreign countries to buy the oil the USA needs

Why does America continue supporting OPEC - which is an ILLEGAL, price-fixing "cartel" and monopoly?

Why does America buy oil from ANY of its' enemies or from ANY country that wants to attack or destroy us?  How is this a rational way to conduct business, or run a country?  Especially when America has more oil than all of the OPEC and middle-east countries combined!

America's continuing dependence on "Dirty Oil" (oil from OPEC and other muslim/middle-east countries) and our "Wealth Transfer" of $500 billion EVERY YEAR to these and other foreign countries for the oil America needs.... while America is "Sitting" on more oil than ALL of the OPEC /middle-east countries combined, is not only an enigma and a sure sign of insanity, but a "Clear and Present Danger." 

"America's Dependence on "Dirty Oil" (oil from OPEC and other Muslim/middle-east countries) and our "Wealth Transfer" of $500 billion EVERY YEAR to Foreign Countries to Buy the Oil America Needs..... Even Though America Has More Oil than ALL of the OPEC / middle-east countries combined, is a 'Clear and Present Danger.'"

The first step and fastest path forward to American Energy Independence and a Renewable Energy Future is to STOP buying "Filthy" oil from muslim/OPEC/ middle east countries that are NOT America's friends, and produce the oil America needs here in the USA!

America has NO CHOICE except to "Drill Baby Drill" to achieve the goals of American Energy Independence, adding 5 million new American jobs, keeping the $500 billion every year we now send to foreign countries and also begin a slow transition to a Renewable Energy Economy.


No Foreign Oil! sm

The problems:

1.  USA faces a "Clear and Present Danger" due to our "addiction" to foreign oil.

2.  According to the CIA Fact Book (2012), the U.S.

PRODUCES: 7,460,000 bbls of oil (each day)

CONSUMES: 20,800,000 bbls of oil (each day)

This means that America must import about 13 million barrels of "dirty oil" every day to meet the demand. 

With oil priced at $100/bbl, this means that American consumers of foreign oil send $1.3 Billion, EVERY DAY, to FOREIGN countries. (That's $1/2 Trillion EVERY YEAR!)

This also means that 65% of the gasoline in YOUR car's gas tank originates as oil that is produced in a FOREIGN country, including oil produced from muslim and middle-east countries where America's brave soldier's, are dying because of muslim, middle-east oil. 

At $100/barrel, America sends $1.3 Billion dollars to foreign countries, EVERY DAY. This equals about 1/2 Trillion dollars EVERY YEAR, going to foreign countries.  America MUST become energy independent and STOP buying "dirty oil" from OPEC and middle-east countries, as well as Venezuela and Russia. 

3.  The real unemployment rate is > 20%. America needs American jobs - and to stop exporting our jobs to foreign countries - whether that's for the oil that fuels America's economy, or the cars Americans need.

4.  America wastes billions of tons of waste every year by burying it in America's over-flowing landfills. The waste then decomposes - off-gassing into the environment valuable biomethane, a renewable natural gas that could be used as a renewable fuel.

5.  America needs an ever-increasing amount of energy (electricity and fuel) every year.

6.  40 billion tons of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2 is one of the 6 greenhouse gas emissions produced from burning fossil fuels) are emitted into America's climate and environment every year. You simply cannot keep dumping ANY chemical, gas or pollutant into the environment without expecting "something" to happen.

7.  Central power plants that generate the electricity America needs are only 28% to about 40% efficient and waste 60% to 72% of the original fuel in the form of "waste heat." And, when these central power plants are located long distances from the "load centers," additional energy is wasted.

8.  The electric grid is inefficient and aging.

9.  Like being over-dependent on any one fuel or energy source such as oil from OPEC, the entire central power plant and electric grid paradigm is fraught with inefficiencies and "ancient" technology that is overly-centralized.

10.  With 3rd world countries as well as countries such as China and India, rapidly increasing their use of fossil fuels, oil prices will continue to trend upwards. 

11.  America has more oil than all of the muslim, middle east countries combined. Yet we are not producing our own oil here at home. This huge failure in leadership by the President and Congress is costing America millions of jobs as well as the lives of our brave soldiers in the middle east, "protecting" muslim oil so we can ship it here to the U.S.

12.  Oil prices are set by OPEC, an ILLEGAL price-fixing, monopoly and "cartel" that would not be allowed to be in business if it were located in the U.S. 

13.  The price of gasoline has been between $3.00 - to just under $4.00/gallon throughout most of the U.S., and approached $6.00/gallon in some places such as Hawaii.  This is at a time when the USA is in its WORST depression EVER, as is most of the rest of the world.  If/when the US and global economy improves and demand for gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products begins to increase, could gasoline prices exceed $5.00/gallon?

Potential solutions to America's addiction to foreign oil:

1. "Decentralized energy" plants where cogeneration or trigeneration plants are located - which incorporate "waste heat recovery" technologies - and are located near the "load centers." 

2.  Produce 100% of the Oil and Natural Gas America needs in America.

3.  Energy problems solved at the community level.

4.  Using "made in America" Natural Gas for America's ground-based transportation requirements, i.e. cars, trucks, fork-lifts, school buses, ambulances, garbage trucks, fire trucks, 18-wheelers, trains, etc. would cost about $1.65/gallon, saving over $2.50/gallon for diesel and $2.00/gallon for gasoline - AND - reduce foreign oil imports by OVER 50%.

5.  A foreign oil tax of $5.00/bbl for every barrel of oil coming into our country.  100% of this tax will go to jump-starting America's oil and natural gas industry - new oil and natural gas drilling, exploration and production.  The foreign oil tax will increase by $1.00/bbl every year, until America is producing 100% of its own oil and natural gas - then this foreign oil tax is terminated.

Enhanced Oil Recovery

*  With oil priced at $100/bbl, Enhanced Oil Recovery represents 
a $30 Trillion market in the USA

*  In the next 10-15 years, 50% of ALL oil produced in the WORLD 
will be through Enhanced Oil Recovery technologies.
50% of this amount will be produced by CO2-EOR.

What is Enhanced Oil Recovery?

Enhanced Oil Recovery, or "EOR," also referred to as tertiary recovery or tertiary oil recovery, is the 3rd and final stage of oil recovery. 

When an oil well is first completed and oil production begins, this is called the primary oil recovery stage. Anywhere from 5% to 15% of the "original oil in place" (OOIP) in the oil well's reservoir is recovered via "natural" reservoir drive, meaning natural forces drive or displace the oil into the production well's well bore.  

The secondary oil recovery stage is where additional production measures are installed wherein anywhere from 10% to 30% of the original oil in place is recovered. 

When the secondary oil recovery stage is complete - and ready for Enhanced Oil Recovery - 55% to 85% of the original oil in place remains. 

The Department of Energy and many industry experts are on record in stating that Enhanced Oil Recovery has the potential to recover up to 60% of the remaining 55% to 85% - which means that Enhanced Oil Recovery has the potential to recover up 300 Billion barrels of oil.  At $100/bbl, Enhanced Oil Recovery represents a $30 Trillion market opportunity (in the U.S.A.).


Net Zero Energy

"Net Zero Energy" to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035!

Nearly 100% of all homes & commercial buildings will 
be designed & built to Net Zero Energy requirements.

What is "Net Zero Energy?"

Net Zero Energy - when applied to a home or commercial building, simply means that they generate as much power and energy as they consume, when measured on an annual basis.

The U.S. Army now has a Net Zero Energy initiative to help reduce/eliminate America's use of foreign oil  - particularly oil from muslim/middle-east countries - which saves the lives of our brave soldiers in the military.


Net Zero Energy Market to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035


Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?



Clean Power Generation Solutions

CHP Systems (Cogeneration and Trigeneration) Plants 
Have Very  High Efficiencies, Low Fuel Costs & Low Emissions

The Effective Heat Rate is Approximately 
4100 btu/kW & System Efficiency is 92% Plant.

The CHP System below is Rated at 900 kW and Features:
(2) Natural Gas Engines @ 450 kW each on one Skid with Optional 
Selective Catalytic Reduction
system that removes Nitrogen Oxides to "non-detect."


CHP Systems may be the best solution for your company's economic and environmental sustainability as we "upgrade" natural gas to clean power with our clean power generation solutions.

Emissions Abatement solutions reduce Nitrogen Oxides to "non-detect" which means our Trigeneration energy systems can be installed and operated in most EPA non-attainment regions!

CHP Systems
- operating in either cogeneration or trigeneration configuration, may be the optimum power and energy solution for customers wanting increased power reliability and decreased energy and environmental costs.  

A few of the clients and markets that may benefit from our CHP Systems include the following:

American Energy Plan sm



Every country needs to be Energy Independent!

Support Energy Independence





Support America's Domestic Oil and Gas  
resources and companies






Drill Baby Drill for:

American jobs and American Energy Independence. Keep the $ 1/2 Trillion dollars in USA we now send to OPEC and foreign countries each year to buy the oil America needs. And most importantly, to save the lives of America's sons and daughters who should NEVER be fight, die or be injured for OPEC / foreign oil.



Drill Baby Drill!

Chemical Flooding  CO2-EOR  *  CO2 Flooding  *  CO2 Injection  Enhanced Oil Recovery 

  *  Reservoir Stimulation  *  Solar EOR  *  Steam Injection  Upstream Oil and Gas




The American Energy Plan sm

* 3-5 million new jobs
* American Energy Independence
* Ends the worst economic depression of all time


“spending hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars every year for oil, much of it from the Middle East, is just about the single stupidest thing that modern society could possibly do.  It’s very difficult to think of anything more idiotic than that.” 
~ R. James Woolsey, Jr., former Director of the CIA

Price of Addiction
to Foreign Oil

According to R. James Woolsey, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, “The basic insight is to realize that global warming, the geopolitics of oil, and warfare in the Persian Gulf are not separate problems — they are aspects of a single problem, the West’s dependence on oil.”  




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Drill Baby Drill sm


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